Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated 18.10hrs Thursday 2nd April 2020

Guest Information

On 23rd March 2020, the Government issued the instruction that everyone must stay at home. Therefore, you will not be able to travel to your holiday destination for any holiday starting on or before 13th April, a date which may be extended. Beyond this, we are not accepting bookings with a start date before 3rd July 2020. You can make a booking with us for on or after this date if you wish – see 2 below.

During these difficult times we encourage everyone to follow the Government’s guidelines to keep each other safe and well.


1. I have an upcoming booking with an arrival date on or before 13th April; can I still go?
The Government instruction means that you will not be able to travel to your holiday destination. We want to support as many of our guests as we can with the help of our homeowners with whom you have your contract.

As you have already paid for your holiday in full (and assuming you booked before 15th March 2020 – see 3 below) we will be issuing a credit note on behalf of the homeowner. This will allow you to book the same property through us as agent, subject to availability, for any holiday commencing up to 12 months from the end date of your original holiday booking. Such new bookings will be non-cancellable and if the cost is higher than the value of the credit note the difference will have to be paid on our normal booking terms.

We will write to you separately about this and how to book. Please wait for us to get in touch rather than contact us. If you wish to cancel (perhaps because you have travel insurance that will cover you) please email us as soon as possible for bookings with an arrival date on or before 13th April.

2. Can I make a booking with you?
We are currently not accepting bookings with a start date before 3rd July 2020. You can make a booking with us for after this date if you wish to but our normal Booking Terms & Conditions including those on cancellations apply (which include you not being able to travel).

3. What if I made my booking after 15th March 2020?
Our normal Booking Terms & Conditions apply to cancellations (which include you not being able to travel).

4. What happens if I want to cancel my holiday that is due to start on or before 13th April 2020?
You will need to check your travel insurance as to whether you would be covered for cancelling your holiday. We will provide whatever information you need in this regard to support a claim.

Our Booking Terms & Conditions do not allow any refunds for cancellation but see 1 above for our credit note policy on such bookings if made before 15th March.

5. What if my holiday is due to start after 13th April 2020, especially if I have not yet paid my balance?
We are monitoring Government advice closely and as the position on these later holidays becomes clearer, we will, as necessary, agree a policy with our homeowners and contact all guests whose holidays are within the updated travel restriction period. Please wait for us to contact you

Please note, we are NOT currently requesting or chasing balance payments for holidays. If the Government restriction on travel is still in force or continues in force for holidays due to start after 13th April then we will contact you and explain the options available. If the travel restriction is lifted and the start date of your holiday is outside of the restriction dates then we will issue you with a balance invoice either for immediately payment or for payment on the standard due date if later.

We are aware that some guests have been instructed by the Government not to travel for up to 12 weeks from receipt of the Governments letter of instruction. Many of these guests have contacted us to explain their predicament. We are contacting all guests in holiday start date order so please be assured that we will be in touch. Again, please wait for us to contact you.

6. Can I speak to somebody about my holiday/property?
The Coronavirus situation means we are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes and receiving an enormous number of emails. Our staff are also affected by the Government restrictions, so we ask you please to bear with us during this time. We want to help as many guests as possible but if you are travelling after 13th April and cannot wait for us to contact you please email rather than call us.

We also ask that when you speak to the team you treat them with understanding and respect. This is a tough time for every one of us and we are doing our best.

If your holiday is due to start after 13th April, we will keep updating these FAQs to provide the most useful information. We would request that you do not call or email, so that we can deal with imminent and more pressing bookings. The date range for holidays we are dealing with will be constantly updated within this statement. Thank you for your assistance and understanding in this matter.


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